Terri Quaye

singer / pianist / songwriter/Unitarian


As a Visiting Unitarian Lay Preacher, I hope you can join me in one of the many congregations I have the privilege to serve.

 My services follow a  traditional Unitarian form of worship together with music as prayer. Prayers reflecting our global humanity, universal inspirational readings, hymns reflecting our Unitarian thought and an Address affirming our Unitarian values and understanding.  

 I conclude my services by offering a musical epilogue of faith. 

I do hope you'll join me, Terri.  

"all endings are also beginnings. 

We just don't know it at the time…”

As a Unitarian Visiting Preacher, I’m privileged to have served the following congregations.


Chapel in the Garden, Bridport

Sidmouth Unitarians

Portsmouth Unitarians, 

Edmund Kell Unitarians, Southampton

Sevenoaks Unitarians

Lewisham Unitarian Meeting

Rosslyn Hill Unitarian Chapel, Hampstead

Effra Road Chapel, Brixton

Manchester College Oxford Chapel Society

Crewkerne Unitarians

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